-Bankruptcy and Insolvency

-Breach of Contract

-Business Interruption / Business Income

-Construction Losses

-Employee Dishonesty

-Errors and Omissions


-Personal Injury

-Property Damage

Litigation Services

Through sound and justifiable application of principles and assumptions, Leo & Dutton, PLLC accountants can articulate their opinions and conclusions regarding economic damage to the trier of fact, whether it be an arbitrator, mediator, judge or jury, in a professional and understandable manner. 

Our experience has included cases involving the following:


As independent CPAs, designated as expert witnesses, we are an advocate for our opinion.  Prior to formulating our opinion, we will apply ourselves diligently to reviewing, researching and preparing ourselves to defend our positions.  The choice of a financial expert witness is an important decision when proceeding with any litigation involving economic damages.  The financial expert must be able to articulate his or her opinions to the trier of fact in a manner that is understandable yet presented with a level of professional confidence resulting from thorough preparation before taking the witness stand.  We at Leo & Dutton, PLLC have experience in litigation support services beginning with the review of documents produced; organizing the data; summarizing and analyzing the data; providing opinions regarding our analysis of the data; rebutting opinions presented by the other side's financial expert; issuing written reports outlining our observations and opinions; testifying in deposition; preparing trial exhibits to facilitate the explanation of our opinions; and finally, courtroom testimony. 

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