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Commercial Insurance Services

Typically our involvement in the claim evaluation process would begin with a request of documentation followed by an analysis of the provided data.  Meeting with the Insured and / or adjuster can occur at the outset of the assignment as well as throughout the review process until resolution.  Maintaining proper channels of communication with all concerned parties (Insureds, public adjusters, attorneys, brokers, adjusters, etc.) is standard for us.  We are not afraid to ask questions that will assist our efforts to provide a fair and reasonable analysis, nor are we opposed to responding to questions asked of us regarding our calculations.  From the onset, we try to work with the Insured and facilitate their understanding of their insurance coverage and the claims evaluation / preparation process.  This helps avoid the creation of false expectations often encountered by an Insured who has not had experience in submitting a claim that conforms to policy language.

In reviewing the Insured's claim, we make every effort to calculate the loss in a manner that is easily understandable yet thorough and effective.  Though we are not "experts" in policy or coverage interpretation, our extensive experience in the industry has provided us with a high degree of familiarity with terms and conditions common to commercial insurance policies.  This diminishes the learning curve and allows us to be highly competitive in our rates while providing a comprehensive analysis on a timely basis.